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People can reveal a half of a truth, but the ancient systems of planetary influences (based on your birthday) and numerology (based on your birthday and name) used in our love compatibility test, or love calculator, is proven 100% ACCURATE. It has been tested for centuries and works every time like a magic.

Partners' Numbers influence on their relationship. Compatibility analysis of Birth Date and Life Path Numbers is the easiest way to gain insight into the peculiarities of the bond between the partners, identify points of contact, similarities and diferences of character traits, as well as possible causes of disagreements.

Write the date in day-month-year format. When writing a date in German, list the day of the month first, followed by the numeral for the month, followed by the year. Germany uses the Gregorian calendar, with 12 months from January through December. [3]


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For example, if you saw der 01. 02. 2009, you would read it as der erste zweite zweitausendneun, or "the first second two thousand nine. "


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Love calculator, the best romance calculator online by date of birth. Calculator of love matches, compatibility free by Indian astrology. True love meter to judge compatibility was my innovation from love astrology in 2013. Romance calculator reads percentage of love by Indian astrology and numerology respectively.

Most ordinals in German are formed by adding -te to the end of the number word. However, there are a couple of exceptions: "first" is erste and "third" is dritte. [13]


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How does this love tester by date of birth and name work? This tool takes your name and dob and your partner's same information and puts them in an algorithm that will then reveal a funny love compatibility percentage on how will your love be like based on the date of birth compatibility and on the name compatibility.

For example, if you wanted to write the date January 12, 2019 numerically in German, you would write "12. 2019. "


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With just your dates of birth, this free compatibility application enables you to find out how smoothly your relationship is likely to develop. It does not address its quality. Kindly note that without the time and place of birth, the rating thus obtained is a mere indication.

Add the name of the month and the numerals for the year. After the day of the year, write out the name of the month. Type a space, then close your date with the numerals of the year. There's no punctuation between the month and the year. [8]


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If there is no article or preposition, the ordinal ends in -er. For example, you would say fünfter Oktober zweitausendelf to mean "5th October 2011. " If you happen to use an indefinite article, such as ein (meaning "a" or "an"), you would also end the ordinal with -er.


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Online birth date compatibility reading - Numerology Love Match test for relationship. Now kick start your quest, and take a synastry test by numerology to get the best birth date compatibility report. Enter your exact birth date and your partner's date of birth, and get the results.

For example, if you wanted to talk about an event that happened on January 22, 2019, you would write der 22. 01. 2019 to mean "the 22nd of January 2019, " or am 22. 2019 to mean "on the 22 of January 2019. "


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Love compatibility between two persons can be defined through their name compatibility, their life paths and last but not least through their birth dates. Analyzing the two birth dates is a simple way to inspect the outcome of a relationship and this is what the love calculator by date of birth simply does.

Tip: When using both words and numbers to write the date, you don't need to include a "0" as a placeholder for single-digit days.


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The In-contri love compatibility calculator is one successful attempt to combine the most exact, objective, and precisely-explained information about compatibility by date of birth in one place. Calculate, analyze, experiment, and share your results.

When using a definite article, such as der, the ordinal ends in -e. For example, you would say der fünfte Oktober zweitausendelf to mean "the 5th [of] Oktober 2011. "

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