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Chism, Miss Cohn and Mrs.Miss Mary Bulkley and Mrs.The organizer promised by the National Suffrage Association,Mrs.This was shipped to NewYork and carried by Miss Anne Martin of Reno in a big paradein that city and then taken to London and carried by her andMiss Vida Milholland of New York at the head of the Americangroup in the great procession of the Social and Political Union.Carrie Chapman Catt, the nationalpresident, a Ratification Committee was formed in December.

The personal contact with the voter was accomplished bystreet meetings in the cities and towns; in the rural communitiesby train, automobile, stage and even on horseback.Thetotal vote was 10, 936 ayes, 7, 257 noes the amendment carriedby 3, 679.The meetingswere attended by about three men to one woman.Sheldon, George Taylor and John Wright.Hood, regent of the State University; Mrs.SuffrageAssociation, toured the State under their auspices.Hurst declared the resolution carried.

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Hurst waselected president.Lee of Reno and Mrs.NEVADA 399brought down to 600.Miss Annie Kenneyof London, Mr.The 20, 000 voters were scattered over the enormous area of110, 000 square miles.Mackay in New York.McCarty, Mineral county; Mrs.

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Martin of Reno and manysmaller sums from individuals and organizations.The official endorsements of the Democratic, Progressiveand Socialist parties were obtained.Boyle invited the legislators andthe Ratification Committee to the Mansion for luncheon.Where this was not possible they slept on blankets in hay fieldsor on the ground in the heart of the desert itself.Civic Leaguewas formed as its successor.Mack,Professor Wier, Mrs.

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Bray, Miss Wilson and Mrs.Kenzie chairman of program, Mrs.John Hendersonof Elko.She ended her trip at Reno, where sheaddressed an overflow mass meeting at the Majestic Theaterjust two weeks before election day.Stitt Wilson, Miss Gail Laughlin, Dr.Maud Gassoway were an active force in organizingsocieties at Sparks, Verdi and Wadsworth in Washoe county, thelargest in the State.

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Paris Ellis ofCarson, Mrs.At Stateheadquarters in Reno Miss Martin kept in touch with the workin every section of the State, wrote suffrage leaflets and plannedthe final campaign.Clarence Mackay, who had organized an Equal Franchise Society in New York City, of which she was president, wrote to Miss Jeanne Elizabeth Wier, professor of history in the University of Nevada, asking if a branch society could not be organized in that State.STORY OF THE NEVADA SUFFRAGE CAMPAIGN.They always triedto reach a settlement or hospitable ranch house for the night.Houses in 1913 and reported favorably by theJudiciary Committees.On March 3 it was signed by the Governor.

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Out of 18, 193 votes cast on it, it hada majority in favor of 3, 679, and Nevada gave its leverage onCongress for the Federal Amendment.It passed in the House on January 24 by49 ayes, 3 noes, one absent; in the Senate on January 30 by 19ayes, 3 noes.Senator, was made legislative chairman and headed thewomen of Reno who went almost en masse to Carson City toprotest but the pressure on the other side was too strong andthe old law was restored.Hurst, the one woman member, was given the honorof oducing the resolution to ratify in the House.Buck, gave much assistance in that part of the State.The Overland Limited was stopped for her to speak atand Vinnemucca.

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Miss Vernon arrived,as promised, in April and at once made a trip around the Stateto strengthen the county and local organizations.In Septemberthe committee considered the offer of a conference of officers andchairmen of the National League of Women Voters to be heldin Reno.The resolution wasput on file but at the bottom and every attempt to advance itfailed but on March 6 it appeared in regular order.RiversideHotel was attended by about 70 men and women.Suffrage League, among whosemembers were Supreme Court Justice Frank Norcross, Dr.

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Of the remaining fifteen counties, threeothers, the oldest in the State Ormsby, Storey and Eurekaalso defeated the amendment, but the favorable majorities ofthe other northern counties and the staunch support of the minersin the south won the victory.The name State Equal Franchise Society wasadopted.Hurst addressed large street crowds in Reno every Saturdaynight.Andthus was closed the Nevada chapter on woman suffrage.Nevada womenwas begun after the State convention.

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Cunningham of Texas and Mrs.Amendment, which had been submitted in June.Three days laterit was reported without recommendation.Pankhurst, was elected president of theState Equal Franchise Society.Mabel Redman;auditors, Mrs.

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Miss Martin therefore beganthe campaign by organizing the State in 1912.There were present Mr.Leland Stanford University and hadbeen professor of history in the former.State long enoughto vote at the last general election an average of one voter toevery five square miles.HISTORY OF WOMAN SUFFRAGEsecretary, Mrs.

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Clubs, sent an invitation to each club to be represented at this meeting.HISTORY OF WOMAN SUFFRAGEand referred to the Committee on Education.The vote in Washoe county was 1, 449 f r 2 4ragainst: in Reno, the county seat, 938 for, 1, 587 against.Some of the chairmen were Mrs.Club wasorganized with a charter membership of 80.Katherine Flett; librarian, Mrs.National American Woman Suffrage Association, a Nevada association had been formed with Mrs.

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She had studied abroadand travelled widely but her whole interest had now centered inwoman suffrage.Jean NelsonPenfield and Miss Marjorie Shuler, national chairman ofpublicity, were the guests of honor.Bessie Mouffe;financial secretary, Mrs.Bel ford,and Mrs.Bray organized study classesin Sparks and gave prizes for the best suffrage essays.

In November, 1909, Mrs.Hall, which was far too small forthe audience.Eichelberger, chairman of its suffragecommittee; Mrs.Hurst moved that it beplaced on third reading and final passage.Amendment to the Legislatures by Congress seemed nearand at the request of Mrs.She won at theprimaries and also at the polls in November and was the firstwoman member.Shaw of Boston through Mrs.

The last named did valuable workamong the Catholics.Church, Miss Mary Henry, Mrs.Alice DayJackson, a granddaughter of Isabella Beecher Hooker, whomMiss Martin had interested on her visit to Connecticut, came attheir own expense and for three weeks canvassed Reno, CarsonCity, Virginia City and other places.Nevada, theblack spot on the map!Harold Duncan; treasurer, Mrs.An eveningmeeting was held in the Rialto Theater with Mrs.

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Renopapers contained over 200 columns of suffrage matter.Rudolph Zadow, Eureka; Mrs.League, organized to fight the amendment.BessieEichelberger, State treasurer for two years, assisted by MissAlexandrine La Tourette of the State University; Mrs.West was printed in every newspaper and on every leaflet, putup in public places and on large banners hung in the streets.Doten, Miss Minnie Flannigan,Mrs.

The Legislative Committee of theEqual Franchise Society was on duty and within the first twoweeks of the session, in January, 1913, the amendment waspassed by both Houses and approved by Governor Oddie.Congress in favor of the amendment.Reeves, who was made temporary chairman; Professor Wier, Mrs.Hodges continued to pay therent of headquarters and a substantial bank account was builtup by dues, subscriptions and collections at meetings.Captain Applewhite, the Rev.Congregational church,where Mrs.It held three or four successful conventions and had bills before the Legislature but no record exists of any activities after 1899.

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Plans were made for alegislative lobby.Hurst to take chargeof proceedings during roll call.Walser of finance, Mrs.At the annual meeting Feb.During 1913 she hadkept the State organization actively at work by trips throughthe northern and southern counties and by securing the help ofsuffrage speakers from other States.NEVADA 389the most scattered rural population in the United States.

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Republican paper of the State, but active support from theState Journal, owned and edited by George Darius Kilborn,formerly of New York, who was always in favor 6f womansuffrage.It continued an affiliated memberof the National American Woman Suffrage Association, pledgedto support the Federal Amendment.At the last session a State League of Women Voters wasorganized and later Mrs.Stanislawsky had removed to California and the organization,with the long wait between Legislatures and no definite work, hadbut a small membership, no county organizations and nofunds.Those speaking were Mrs.

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Battle Mountain, Winiiennuva, Lovelocks.Stanislawsky was elected president; ColonelReeves, Mr.Rosalie Jones of New York; Mrs.Reno, whose hospitality was extendedughout the campaign to those who came from outside theState to help it.Foley of Boston also came,as arranged by Miss Martin, for constant speaking through thenorthern and southern counties during the last two months.State telling the women of the Unionwhether or not they should vote and that he came to CarsonCity especially to vote against the resolution.There are 240 election precincts andover 1 80 were organized with a woman leader.

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The constitution requires that a resolution for an amendmentmust pass two successive Legislatures and the new associationsaw the task before it of getting the approval of another sessionin 1913.Boyd was an officer.Belford, secretary of the Ratification Committee; Mrs.The conference met in the Century Club House.NEVADA 387the amendment was submitted.

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Hurst of halls and Mrs.Charlotte Perkins Gilman, of New York; Dr.She made many hundreds of votes for the amendment.NEVADA 397essay contest was promoted in the schools of the State.AliceChism, recording and corresponding secretary and treasurer.

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Out of the 240 precincts in the State every one that had tenvotes in it was canvassed and open air or hall meetings heldbefore election.All the political parties but the Republican endorsed theamendment in their platforms and it was supported by laborunions representing 6, 000 members.The tripcovered 3, 000 miles.Jewett Adams and Mrs.Miss Minnie Bronson of New York and Mrs.

Williamson president and later Mrs.Laura Gregg Cannon, arrived in September and was sentat once to organize more thoroughly the southern counties, assuccess depended on an overwhelming vote from the miners andranchers there.Governor Boyle introduced Mrs.Minnie Comins MacDonald,White Pine.Anactive executive committee was appointed and plans were madefor a vigorous campaign.

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Suffrage Society was organized during thelast months, led by Mrs.It was arranged for November 2021, with Mrs.Reno and in meetings throughout the State were an importantfactor in winning votes.Clubs, was the leading factor in gettingits endorsement at its meeting in Reno, Oct.Oregon, Arizona and Colorado.It was obvious to Miss Martin and her associates that,judging by the experience of other States, the legislative voteof 1911 must be regarded as merely complimentary and the realbattle must be fought in 1913.There is nonecessity of asking you to ratify, for I am proud of the menof the West and of Nevada.

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Patrick delegate to thenational suffrage convention in St.Congressional Union, the services of Miss MabelVernon, perhaps its most capable organizer.Miss Alice Stone Blackwell, Mrs.Belford was elected chairman.Nicholas hadworked strenuously in the two Houses.Legislatures hadalready ratified the amendment but so far as he was aware nowoman had presided over one taking such action and he hadgreat pleasure in being able to request Mrs.

Headquarters were opened in the Cheney Building in Reno,Mrs.At the suggestionof Assemblyman Sanai an opportunity was given to the womento address the legislators.Committee on Federalof ten minutes was taken and when theinbly reconvened a from the Senate was receivedg that the resolution had passed unanimously.Patrick,chairman, and Mrs.Mary Ringrose of California.Here sheenlisted the interest and financial support of national and Stateleaders and an advisory board of influential women outside ofNevada was formed.

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Carson City gave an adverse majority ofonly i; Storey county with Virginia City of only 31.Holman Buck, who was elected permanent chairman.Louis and in April it met tohear her report and details of the proposed League of WomenVoters.Arthur Hodges of New York, with the words,Nevada, Votes for Women, brought out in sage brush greenletters on a field of vivid orange.TheMassachusetts association, through Mrs.States seeking divorceand later another Legislature proposed to repeal it and restorethe six months.

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Riverside Hotel by the State FranchiseSociety.Grace Bridges of Reno, secretary.Nellie Hascall of Fallon, led their branches intothe mining fields.HISTORY OF WOMAN SUFFRAGEroad.In canvassing and speaking tours over the State Miss Martintravelled over 3, 000 miles and talked personally to nearly everyone of the 20, 000 voters.Miss Mabel Vernon of Washington.

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Jane Addams gave a priceless four days to a whirlwindtour.State headquartersin pally Miss Martin and Mrs.Bonni field as chairman of Humboldt county,with her helpers, Mrs.Mack; recording secretary, Mrs.England, during which she workedfor suffrage under Mrs.Nevada suffragenews; that every voter on the county registration lists had beencircularized with suffrage literature.

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AntoinetteFunk of Chicago; Mr.Stubbs, president of the university; Mrs.In March the committee elected Mrs.Later she moved to California and in February, 1912, Mrs.Stanislawsky gave an address to a crowded meeting.An important feature of the campaign was the completecircularization of the voters with suffrage literature by thecounty organizations and from State headquarters by Mrs.

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It is not easy to realize the difficulties underwhich these women labored.Wilson; recording secretary, Mrs.In the autumn of 1910 an agreement to assist in such an organization was signed by a large number of prominent men and women in Reno and finally in January, 1911, Professor Wier issued a call for a meeting to be held in her home to form a society.Taylor, chairman ofChurchill county, had to drive many miles from her ranch toattend every meeting.Convention in Philadelphia in November.HISTORY OF WOMAN SUFFRAGEcommittee recommended it and Mrs.Sara Bard Field, Miss Maud Younger, Miss CharlotteAnita Whitney, Mrs.

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Mack called a meeting and Miss Anne Martin was unanimouslyelected president.California and Arizona gavefunds and literature.Later Professor Wier conferred with Mrs.November it wasknown that there was a safe majority in the coming Legislatureif all pledges were kept.The amendment received the largest proportionate vote forwoman suffrage on record.Reeves to arrange for a Saturday evening mass meeting.Hurst of Reno for the Assembly, in recognition of whatshe had done for suffrage and for the club.