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It shoes Kotori, the commander. In this ribbon, she portrays her bossy nature. When she put on the black ribbon, she seems superior to all including her brother Shiduo. In this form, she can invoke her powers and recovery from wounds. 2. Oragami Tobiichi Anime Body Pillow. She also happens to be among the top heroines in the series Date A Live.

Kotori, smiling while divert the conversation, put the black ribbon that she just removed into her pocket, in exchange, took out a white ribbon. Demonstrating the weak side of Kotori. The symbol for Kotori is Shidou's little sister. That, for Kotori is pride, is also a curse. In fact, the current Kotori. certainly experienced the feeling of .

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Anime/Manga Date A Live/ . Kotori exits the room, but then peaks her head through the door now wearing her white ribbons with a bigger smile. . neck-length red hair tied with a black ribbon and wearing Kotori's commander uniform but wearing the sleeves on her arms. The girl looks at Kannazuki with a disgruntled look.

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Marking at day 10th, Kotori waiting this moment have a lunch together with Shido at Restaurant, and before breakfast Kotori not allowed eat lolipop. That's.

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Date a Live Z (Date a Live x Male Saiyan Reader) Fanfiction (Y/N), an orphan who fends for himself and a desire for combat has had a normal life, well he had been bullied due to his tail but who cares that all changes when he starts to feel weird energies as soon as he decides to use his senses.

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Kotori: "Push the white one." Y/N: "They're all white!" Kotori: "Push the middle one." You push the button but it feels like nothing happened. Y/N: "What did that do?" Kotori: "It made the ship invisible. Call Reine and say AsteriskApple. After that, you can go back to the beach so don't worry."

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